Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in Capital Medical University & Study in ccmu

Fee for Clinical Medicine(MBBS)

Tuition Fee is 50,000 RMB (For 6 years of Clinical study on per year basis, Students can apply for one of the following option to get a waiver or scholarship, both options are mutually exclusive)

a) Waiver by Capital Medical University = 12000 RMB / Year

Pay Able after the Waiver = 38,000 RMB/ Year

Eligibility: All students who are accepted to enroll can have this waiver.

b) Scholarship by China Government = 20,000 RMB/Year

Amount payable after scholarship= 30,000 RMB/ Year

Eligibility: Any student from the “One Belt One Road Countries” can apply, scholarship decision will be made by the university before or after the admission of the student,

* Detailed conditions for obtaining and maintaining the scholarship can be received upon request.


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