Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in Capital Medical University & Study in ccmu

How to apply

Admission Requirements:
1.Age 18 to 30 years old.
2.Good health meets the corresponding professional admission conditions: proper eye sights with no color vision deficiency; normal function of hearing, smell and expression; Anyone with infectious diseases (Hepatitis B, HIV, Syphilis, Tuberculosis, etc.) and chronic diseases are required to be completely cured before applying; Applicants with a history of mental disorder are not recommended to apply. International School has the rights to terminate student’s application who don’t meet the health requirements.
3.Individuals with the history of substance/ drug abuse cannot apply.
4.Comply with the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China and the relevant regulations of the Capital Medical University (CMU).

English Language Requirements:
1.Students who have attended an English-Medium Secondary School need to provide evidence in order to waive the English Language Proficiency Examination.
2.TOEFL (Minimum 80) or the IELTS (Minimum 6.0) test scores are required for all the international applicants whose native language is not English and who attended a non-English medium Secondary School.
3.Native English speakers do not need to take English Language Proficiency examination or provide any certifications.

Required Documents:
1-Filled application form of CMU.
2-Passport scan (First 4 pages and visa Scan, if have any other country visa. For the nationals of certain countries, a full passport scan containing all pages will be required).
3-Matriculation & FCS or O-level & A-level or equivalent to 12th grade education mark sheets and certificate/degrees.
4-TOEFL/ IELTS test results or English language proficiency certificates (Non-native speakers). 
5-Signed student undertaking form.
6-Bank Statement/ Affidavit of financial support from the parent / guardians (Equal to 1 academic year fee). 
7-Non-Criminal Certificate / Police Character Certificate (If required then you will be asked to provide a
non-criminal certificate or a Police Character Certificate).

8-Physical Examination Record with blood test results (Hepatitis B surface antigen, HIV, syphilis, and TB) within six months. Anyone with chronic disease or genetic disease need to notify International School.

1.Please send complete documents in one email.
2.Pre-admission letter will be sent to you within 7 working days subject to the acceptance of your admission application. Pre-admission letter will not be issued, if the documents are incomplete.
3.Send your complete postal address with name, postal code and contact number with documents.
4.The admission letter and JW202 will be sent within 30 days from the University; applicants can take the two documents to Chinese Embassy to apply for student (X1) visa.
5.After getting visa from embassy, applicants should send us visa scan and air ticket scan before 1 week of their travel.
6.University allows only 1- week time for the payment of fees after arrival.
7.Registration time: Students must register on the date specified in the acceptance letter. Late registration has to be approved by CMU Student office. Those who are two weeks overdue are considered voluntary withdrawal. Upon registration at CMU, students are not allowed to transfer to other universities.
8.Within the first month, students are in the probation period, school officials will recheck identity, health condition, academic performance at the end of first month, any violation within first month can result in expulsion from the school.
9.A telephonic or a video call (skype) based interview may be conducted if the University is not satisfied with the academic or any other documents/ records presented by the applicant at the time of application submission.

Student Dropout case:
1.Please send confirm student documents only.
2.In following cases university will charge money from partners:
a)If student is dropped after issuing JW202 and he/she doesn’t report to the university, partner will be charged 300 USD as JW202 fees.
b)If student leaves university within 4 days after arrival, university will charge 950 USD as JW202 fees, dorm deposit and bedding.

c)If the student leaves university after a week, university will charge complete 1st year fees.

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